Silicon Imaging SI-3D creates Stereoscopic Buzz with Intel at CES 2010

INTERNATIONAL CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW, Las Vegas, Jan. 7, 2010 – Intel Corporation President and CEO Paul Otellini opened his keynote address with the most buzzed about topics at CES; 3-D stereoscopic content creation. He demonstrated how the Silicon Imaging SI-3D stereo camera system is being used by Hollywood to capture, display and instantly create digital cinema quality 3D, all on a single mobile Intel® Core™ i7 hardware platform.

“Creating 3-D content requires a ton of computing power” stated Intel CEO Paul Otellini. “Intels Powerful microprocessors will play a central role in the transition to 3-D content creation from Hollywood studios to living rooms. Stereo 3D is not only transforming how people watch movies, but is creating a fully immersive experience for their favorite concerts, sports events and video games.”


“Silicon Imaging and Intel technology is streamlining the way Hollywood shoots and produces academy award winning content; now it will be in 3D” states Ari Presler, CEO Silicon Imaging. “Several pivotal announcements at CES 2010 this week including Avatar box office revenue exceeding $1-Billion, 3D-TV releases from the major CE manufacturers and the launch of several dedicated 3D broadcast channels are driving the rapid increase in demand for 3-D content. The combination of the small-form factor camera and Intel’s mobile processors enable shooting live action steadicam and hand-held stereo footage with incredible latitude and film like results”


The Silicon Imaging SI-3D system uses two hand-held size SI-2K Mini cameras; the same technology used on this years academy award-winning Best picture and Best Cinematography feature film, Slumdog Millionaire. The camera or “eye-balls” connect to a single Intel system via gigabit Ethernet, where they are synchronized, controlled and recorded to a single QuickTime 3D file; all through a simple touchscreen interface. On-set, each camera can be viewed individually or directly converted for display on modern 3D displays to visualize focus, lighting, Color and 3-D depth effects.

The SI-3D stereo camera system is now being used around globe to shoot feature films, 3D TV episodes, Concerts, Commercial and more. For more information visit the Silicon Imaging website at

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For more information about the the Silicon Imaging SI-3D stereo camera system download theSI-3D Brochure.



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