Silicon Imaging, Inc., specializes in the design, manufacturing and marketing of high-definition digital cameras and image processing solutions for the medical, scientific instrumentation, machine vision, entertainment and surveillance markets. Silicon's focus has been to leverage the recent advancements in CMOS imagers, digital processors and gigabit connectivity interfaces to develop a new generation of high definition products, which can outperform traditional video camera and processing systems, at a lower cost. Silicon Imaging offers more than 100 years combined experience in the development of high-speed digital image processing hardware, machine vision inspection, biometrics, video transmission and recording components and systems.  It is proud to have an extensive client list from Fortune 500, Semiconductor, University, Research, Military and Entertainment industry including:  IBM, General Dynamics, Micron, Coherent, FLIR, JPL, Rockwell, MIT, Sarnoff, NASA, Raytheon, Dalsa, Corning, Elbit, and Eastman Kodak. Silicon Imaging is a privately held company based in Niskayuna, NY.

The company was founded in September 2000, with the mission to make high definition video imaging affordable. Since then, Silicon Imaging has developed its first commercial high definition product.  The MegaCamera™ is the worlds first 3.2 Million pixel all-digital CMOS micro-camera, capable of producing 30 frames per second, in a package, which fits in the palm of your hand.  Over the past several years, Silicon Imaging has continued to be an innovator in high-speed and high-resolution imaging components.  In 2003, expanded its offering to include a family of USB2.0 bus power peripherals, capable of capturing triggered image event or video sequences at over 40Mpixels/sec. In 2003, raised resolution bar by introducing 6.6 Megapixel cameralink and USB2.0 cameras.  In 2005, Silicon Imaging added Gigabit Ethernet into its arsenal of connectivity solutions and launched the worlds smallest 1920x1080 60P/120i 12-bit High-Definition Camera.  Our products are state-of-the-art, offering capability for semiconductor equipment manufacturers to inspect components with pin-point accuracy. 

We at Silicon Imaging expect that next years’ most valuable applications haven’t even been dreamed up yet.  We invite visionaries with ideas for high-definition digital image capture, processing or communication to contact us.

AltaSens, Inc. (formerly known as Rockwell Scientific's CMOS Image Sensor Group, is a world leader in high definition image and high frame rate video sensors.  The ProCamHD HDTV  image sensors are a direct outgrowth of the AltaSens' passion for innovation in CMOS imaging architecture. These high definition system-on-chip CMOS video image sensors exceed industry expectations by delivering a technology that enables lower noise, lower power consumption, higher sensitivity, higher frame rate, and higher dynamic range than multi-chip CCD alternatives.

Pleora Technologies

Pleora Technologies Inc. is a leading supplier of Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) connectivity solutions for high-performance machine vision, broadcast video, and security/surveillance applications. Pleora offers a broad portfolio of hardware and software products for streaming video and imaging data in real-time over standard GigE networks. It specializes in high-value, performance-oriented solutions.  Pleora teamed with other industry leaders to form the GigE Vision Standard initiative. Now managed by the Automated Imaging Association (AIA), the initiative is defining an open GigE transport platform for vision

EPIX, Inc. has been providing imaging solutions to the research and industrial communities since 1984.   They designs and manufactures computer hardware, software, and printed circuit boards to convert, manipulate, and store images and graphics. The PIXCI® capture and control board reduces the cost of digital imaging systems by reducing the cost of cabling and integrated circuits for interfacing a camera to a computer.  XCAP is a scientific and engineering Windows application package providing hundreds of qualitative and quantitative imaging operations. Their PXIPL C/C++ Function Library and windows DLL's allows embedding the underlying image processing and analysis functions into user-written applications.


CineForm Inc. develops compression-based workflow solutions for the post production marketplace.  Offering the industry’s highest fidelity compression technology, CineForm is trusted among Hollywood filmmakers, television producers, videographers and digital media artists who rely on high image quality, high performance and innovative compression-based workflow solutions with up to 4k spatial resolutions for their online content creation projects.  Available on both Windows and Mac platforms, CineForm workflow solutions are optimized for direct-to-disk camera recording, high-resolution post production and long-term content archives.  For more information, visit

IRIDAS first introduced desktop film-resolution playback with its FrameCycler product in 2001. With the release of SpeedGrade in 2003, IRIDAS pioneered real time color correction based on the graphics card processor. In 2007 IRIDAS released the first GPU-based RAW playback technology for digital cinema workflows. Today SpeedGrade and FrameCycler provide the critical links in an end-to-end pipeline for digital image content and color metadata. IRIDAS’ applications are used by filmmakers around the world and most major animation and postproduction houses. IRIDAS is an independent, privately held company, headquartered in Munich, Germany.


MEN Micro designs and manufactures failure-safe computer boards and systems for extreme environmental conditions in industrial and safety-critical embedded applications. Our mission is to provide innovative solutions while maximizing reliability and flexibility With nearly 200 employees and subsidiaries in France and the USA we have an annual revenue of 28 million Euros with an export share of about 50%. Customized solutions make for more than half of our revenue. In addition the standard product range includes far more than 100 different computer boards with Intel Pentium and multi-core processors and PowerPC with the corresponding BIOS, BSP and driver software, manifold I/O boards and completely configured systems.

P+S TECHNIK, founded in 1990 and headquartered in Ottobrunn, Germany, has earned a reputation as a competent and professional partner for solutions and products of the highest level in the cine world.  Since 1999, P+S TECHNIK has developed and manufactured products in the field of Digital Cinematography. Already one year later the company received the innovation prize at NAB 2000 for the MINI35 Image Converter. This was the start of the new very successful Digital Film product line called 35Digital. Since 2006, P+S TECHNIK develops and manufactures Digital Cinema Cameras in cooperation with cinematographers and professional hardware and software developers such as Silicon Imaging, IRIDAS and CineForm.





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