Silicon Imaging and P+S Technik Launch Strategic Partnership to deliver Modular SI-2K™ Digital Cinema Cameras, Optics and Production Equipment

P+S Technik enables new ergonomic modular form-factors and universal lens mount system for Silicon Imaging SI-2K™ cameras including the 2K-B4™ lens adapter, 2K-35™ 35mm lens converter, and cinema-optimized Zeiss 35mm prime lenses.

Las Vegas, NV, April 12, 2007 – Silicon Imaging, Inc., leaders in IT-centric digital cameras and P+S Technik, leaders in professional cinema equipment and optics announced today their strategic partnership to deliver a broad range of solutions for the emerging digital cinema industry. At NAB 2007 they will show several products already resulting from their collaboration. This includes the new ergonomic and modular designed Silicon Imaging SI-2K™ cameras with interchange lens mount, the 2K-35™ format converter for use of 35mm optics to achieve increase depth of field control and the 2K-B4™ optical mount, for use of 2/3” cinema lenses. In addition, a variety of tripod mounting, rod support and rig accessories will be shown.

“Our design philosophy has always been centered around creating strong tools that allow the filmmaker to get their story told,” says Alfred Piffl, CEO of P+S Technik. “Partnering with Silicon Imaging allows us to extend our expertise by creating tools for the next generation of digital cinema filmmakers. The SI-2K™ camera’s modular system and form-factor gives the filmmaker unlimited flexibility to create the optimal configuration and setup for a variety of shooting methods and delivers the structural integrity to stand-up to the abuses from on-location operations,”

Designed for the rigors of the cinema industry, the new SI-2K™ camera features a solid aluminum machined enclosure complete with tool-less quick-release mechanism for the removal of the remote-head SI-2K MINI from the SI-2K™. An integrated P+S Technik interchangeable lens mount system now gives users the unprecedented ability to hot-swap between Arri PL, Nikon F, C, and B4-mounts using the new 2K-B4™ lens adapter.

The precision optical block in the 2K-B4™ lens adapter removes the aberrations that could occur from using a lens designed for a 3-chip prism system in the SI-2K single-sensor architecture. This enables the use of modern 2/3” digital cinema lens designs, such as those from Panavision, Angeniueux, Zeiss, Fujinon, and Canon.

A next-generation 2K-35™ format converter from P+S Technik enables the use of 35mm optics on the SI-2K cameras to maintain the signature “cinema-like” field-of-view and depth-of-field characteristics of large format lenses. In addition, a new family of 35mm Cinema Prime Lenses, based on the Zeiss ZF series optics, with precision focus gears and distance markings will be offered with the 2K-35™, including 25 mm, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm models.

“Silicon Imaging and P+S Technik are bringing together unprecedented best-in-class solutions to the cinema industry by combining expertise in high-definition motion picture digital imaging, optics and mechanics,” says Ari Presler, CEO of Silicon Imaging, Inc. “Delivering high-image quality is only one side of the story. In order to be a true extension of the cinematographer creativity it has to be packaged in a form-factor that enables operation without restricting the ability to interact with their surrounding environment, where the real story is happening. By partnering with P+S Technik, we’re able to deliver an extensive set of tools which enable this flexibility and creativity. In addition, P+S Technik will provide our base for sales, marketing and support for the European market”

New mounting options for the SI-2K™ include compatibility with Sony V-mount quick release tripod adapters as well as compatibility with Arri sliding base-plates and accessories. A quick-release rod support system is integrated into the camera body for direct mounting of 15mm lightweight matte-box and follow-focus accessories, without the need for a separate adapter. Rosettes on either side of the SI-2K™ camera enclosure provide mounting points for handle-grips and trigger mechanisms while the full-length top-handle of the SI-2K™ can be quickly removed to facilitate mounting on a Steadicam® low-mode rig. Finally, the full-size Anton Bauer battery mount has been positioned for optimal center-of-gravity distribution, greatly facilitating the needs of hand-held and Steadicam® users.

Increasing reliability in harsh exterior environments, rugged Lemo connectors have been integrated into the SI-2K MINI™ to ensure mission critical data connectivity and enable an environmentally sealed enclosure. A complete lightweight rail mounting system with adapters for use of heavy-duty rod supports and film base plates have also been developed for the SI-2K MINI™. Additional accessories include a professional Anton Bauer battery plate, shoulder-mounting kit and hand-grip with button for camera start-stop operation.

Pricing and Availability

The SI-2K MINI™ Digital Docking camera kit includes:

  • Universal exchange lens mount system by P+S Technik

  • CineFormRAW™ encoding license

  • IRIDAS SpeedGrade Embedded license with integrated keyer

  • Silicon DVR™ software license for Windows XP Pro

  • P+S Technik MINI Support for lightweight rods and film bridgeplate connection

  • 10 meter data interface cable

  • 2 meter combination power/trigger cable

  • Choice of mounts including: PL, B4, or C mount

Pricing for the SI-2K MINI™ Digital Docking kit with PL-mount is $14,500 ans with 2K-B4-mount is $15,500, with a special NAB promotional discount of $1,000. The SI-2K MINI™ is currently available for order with shipment in 2 weeks.

The SI-2K™ Digital Cinema Camera includes:

  • Removable SI-2K MINI™ camera head

  • Universal exchange lens mount system by P+S Technik

  • Choice of Lens mounts including: PL, B4, or C mount

  • CineFormRAW™ encoding license

  • IRIDAS SpeedGrade Embedded license with integrated keyer

  • Silicon DVR™ Software License

  • HDMI, VGA, Gigabit Ethernet (2), USB(2),

  • Dual L/R mono balanced line input/output and XLR breakout cable

  • Stereo headphone out

  • 5V and 12V auxiliary power output

  • Integrated pointing device with two user buttons

  • Integrated 15mm LWS rods mount

  • Integrated full-length handle bar

  • Sony-compatible V-Lock mounting base with Arri base-plate option

Pricing for the SI-2K™ Digital Cinema Camera with PL-mount is $23,500 or with a 2K-B4-Mount is $24,500, with a NAB promotional discount of $2,000. The SI-2K™ is currently available for order with shipment in June.

The 2K-35™ 35mm lens converter is $4,000 and Cinema Primes Lenses at $2,200 each, with availability in early 3Q’07.

The SI-2K™ digital cinema camera series, along with various P+S Technik accessories, will be shown in the joint CineForm and Silicon Imaging booth, SL7826.

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