Documentary Marks First Use of Next Generation SI-2K Camera and Digital Workflow; New Technology Provides Higher Than HD Resolution While Reducing Production Costs

Redondo Beach, CA, December 5, 2006 – Oasis Production Services and Rainstorm Entertainment today announced they have been selected by Amazing Entertainment London Ltd. to produce a high definition documentary of the 2006 ANGEL AWARDS Monaco International Film Festival. The documentary will mark the first use of Silicon Imaging’s SI-2K digital camera and workflow, which completely eliminates the need for film or video tape and provides higher resolution than HD.

“We are very pleased to have been selected to produce this important documentary about the Angel Awards - Monaco International Film Festival and to be the first production to use Silicon Imaging’s ground breaking new SI-2K digital camera and Cineform RAW® workflow,” said Jim Hays, President of Oasis Production Services. “One of our primary goals with this production is to demonstrate how this amazing new technology enables directors and cinematographers to shoot at resolutions higher than HD, edit while each shot is taken and have a production ready for distribution within weeks instead of the months it takes with current technology and equipment,” Hays added.

“Rainstorm is thrilled to collaborate with both the Festival and Oasis to produce this unique filmed entertainment project, blending the convergence of art and technology” says Steven G. Kaplan, President of Rainstorm Entertainment.  “We look forward to incorporating this cutting edge camera and processing into our upcoming feature film projects.”

“The Monaco International Film Festival has always been about bringing new ideas to the entertainment industry, and so we are very excited to partner with Oasis and Rainstorm on the first production to premier the use of technology that is sure to significantly advance the art and science of film making,” said Rosana Golden, Managing Director of Amazing Entertainment London Ltd.

The 2006 Angel Awards- Monaco International Film Festival is scheduled to run from December 7 through December 10 in Monte-Carlo, Monaco. The festival showcases non-violent, high quality entertainment.

Oasis Production Services is the only company with the new SI-2K camera, which will be released by Silicon Imaging in February.

About Oasis Production Services

Oasis Production Services provides digital cinematography and end-to-end digital workflow solutions and services to independent filmmakers and to commercial and television producers that enhance quality while reducing costs and production time.

About Rainstorm Entertainment, Inc. 

Rainstorm Entertainment (www.rainstormentertainment.com) is a privately financed development and production company that partners with other capital sources (equity investors and distributors) to develop, produce and sell high-quality, original story-driven films.  The Company invests in projects seeking finishing funds or significant equity contributions in exchange for fees, credit and a share of the back end.   Rainstorm recently produced F*CK which is currently being exhibited theatrically in the U.S. by ThinkFilm, BIG BAD WOLF and RED WHITE BLACK & BLUE.

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Amazing Entertainment London Ltd is a London-based public relations, marketing, talent, promotion and film festival-production company.

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Silicon Imaging, Inc. is a leader in IT-centric high-definition digital camera and RAW workflow solutions. Silicon Imaging’s products incorporate disruptive technologies to deliver a new generation of products outperforming traditional HD cameras while increasing flexibility and lowering cost. 


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