Silicon Imaging Launches a Suite of New Features for the SI-2K Camera System

Including Stereo 3-D recording, Optical Viewfinder support, and Integrated QuickTime Encoding at IBC 2007

IBC, Amsterdam, September 6, 2007 - Silicon Imaging, in cooperation with development partner P+S Technik, continues to innovate HD, 2K and 3-D Cinema production with the launch of several new products and workflow enhancements for the SI-2K™ digital cinema camera system.

These include stereo-3D and multi-camera frame-accurate synchronization and recording, a SI-2K with integrated film camera style optical viewfinder, an OLED electronic viewfinder, MINI-Rig for ergonomic single-handed or shoulder mount camera operation, an enhanced SI-2K™ with a modular and upgradeable enclosure, integrated CineForm RAW™ QuickTime recording, and new software functionality, all refined by the feedback of the industry's top working cinematographers, directors and camera operators. Multiple SI-2K™ cameras now have the ability to be synchronized for use in stereo-3D and 360-degree configurations.

A multi-camera controller can be used to power and synchronize up to nine of the SI-2K™ cameras to create immersive videos for 360 degree projection venues or for creating background plates at up to 18K pixel resolution for use in special effects production. A push-button input initiates frame-accurate recording on all recorders and enables instant playback or stereo compositing over the network. 3-D previsualization tools are provided to overlay saved frame-store content in 3D anaglyph, aiding in the precise alignment of cameras. An image flipping function enables live stereo-3D shooting and display with beam-splitter configured camera and polarized display rigs.

Cinematographers and operators and can now view their scene directly through the lens of the camera without any lag or flicker using a new model SI-2K MINI™ with an integrated P+S Technik optical viewfinder for instant feedback of framing and focus. It is compatible with standard accessories for optical cine viewfinders found on other film cameras including viewfinder extensions, a flexible 10x wide-angle eyepiece, and a heated eye-cup.

Currently being introduced with a B4-mount for 2/3" high-quality digital cinema optics such as those from Ziess, Canon, and Fujinon, the optical viewfinder will also be designed around a PL lens mount system in 1Q08 for 16mm and 35mm cine-lenses. Silicon Imaging is also introducing a sharp 24-bit color OLED SVGA electronic viewfinder with adjustable diopter for the SI-2K™ and SI-2K MINI™. Accepting computer VGA analog input and USB power, it is compatible with commercial display ports found on off-the-shelf PC and notebook computers.

When used on the SI-2K™ the main interface can be displayed on the viewfinder screen while an additional HDMI port is available for independent secondary display and external monitor viewing applications. An optional voltage regulator cable enables applications involving higher-voltage inputs such as the Anton Bauer battery products and other professional battery systems. An SI-2K™ MINI-Rig system comprises a number of ergonomic benefits for working with the SI-2K MINI™ system, and is composed of a highly modular set of building blocks to construct the ideal rig for each intended use. Options include an integrated Anton Bauer battery mount, available options for mounting to Arri 16mm or 35mm base-plates or other base-plate systems, a shoulder rest, extendable handle bars and hand grips with push-buttons for user-programmable functions or record start-stop, an electronic viewfinder support system.

SiliconDVR™ features a number of enhancements in it's on-set production tool-set, including direct CineForm RAW™ recording to QuickTime and a new enhanced green and blue screen keying algorithm with easier enduser control and higher-precision results. User settings from the keyer are saved in IRIDAS's .look format and are compatible within the gamut of the IRIDAS SpeedGrade product line, enabling keys to be captured on-set and moved seamlessly to post. Finally, a number of enhancements have been added to the camera control system including the ability for extended open shutters beyond five seconds to create light streak effects and also increase the sensitivity of the camera in low light with no gain increase, play-list scrolling within the integrated player unit for quick and easy review of recorded clips, an innovative user-definable multi-stage GPIO and right-click menu function, and integrated monitoring and control of fan speed settings, processor temperature, and battery voltage for the SI- 2K™ camera system.

"Silicon Imaging, which first brought 2K direct-to-disk recording to the market, is now innovating content creation for the emerging 3-D Digital Cinema and immersive entertainment market," says Ari Presler, CEO of Silicon Imaging. "This new content, along with its new delivery medium, will drive consumers back into theaters. The sheer number of innovative features and capabilities added to the SI-2K cameras, since NAB, is a testament to our commitment to this industry, our technological leadership and the flexibility provided by the software driven architecture that we've placed at the core of our products.

There is not a single camera on the market currently available that can offer filmmakers such a comprehensive and flexible tool set, ranging from a visually lossless RAW recording and integrated color management system to our new capabilities in the stereo and multi-camera recording realm. We are providing customers with a powerful modular and upgradeable system with simply limitless possibilities."

Pricing and Availability

The SI-2K™ and SI-2K MINI™ cameras along with the MINI-Rig system and OLED electronic viewfinder are currently available and shipping. The price of the SI-2K™ is $28,500, and for the SI-2K MINI™ is $17,500. The B4-mount version of the optical viewfinder system for the SI-2K MINI™ is slated for release in 4Q07 with a PLmount version available in early 2008. The OLED electronic viewfinder with diopter and mounting assembly is $4,000.

Silicon Imaging will be in booth 11.630 with P+S Technik at IBC 2007.

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