The SA9 is Social Animal's 360 video camera system that features 9 nodally locked Silicon Imaging SI-2K mini cameras pointed into mirrors to shoot the highest resolution, seamless and distortion free panoramic content in the world. The camera system is available for rent or purchase from Social Animal. Find out more at or


Here is the G4 Attack of the Show camera review…


The SA9 frame size, after the 9 Silicon Imaging SI-2K camera angles are stitched together is 15,500 x 1080, gives you many options to maximize the production through many different distribution outlets, including interactive and traditional experiences.



Social Animal created an interactive flash player that allows the online and mobile viewer to control the experience. Here is the interactive Devo video (click and drag the mouse to explore)



Similar to a motion control system the footage can be panned through dynamically or any of the individual angles can be edited like you would any other footage. These versions can be displayed online, theatrically or broadcast. Here is the traditional version of the Devo video


Find out more at or

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