The SI-2K camera systems set themselves apart from the pack through their comprehensive support and integration with IRIDAS's Speedgrade™ production and post-production color-mangement systems, provding the D.P. and end-to-end color mangement system from aquisition through post and delivery.

Speedgrade OnSet's powerful suite of color-correction tools and 3D LUT export features allows for an unlimited number of "look" possibilities that can be previewed and applied to footage in-context of the SI-2K camera system. Colorizing and designing the "look" of a scene or setting the style for a movie is no longer subject to a dizzying array of confusing submenus and un-intuitive control panels. Instead, Speedgrade OnSet allows for real-time, in-context color-correction of images from the SI-2K series cameras, and WYSIWYG performance between the two interfaces for complete accuracy and confidence in sculpting the look of your project. The era of looks being lost in translation between the set to post and editing is over. With the SI-2K's integration of the IRIDAS color-management pipeline and Speedgrade's color-correction toolset, if you can imagine it, you can capture it.

With the integration of an optional separate view LUT system in the SI-2K, alternate .look files can be used as aids to visualize the look of the final print in-context of the shoot with on-set monitoring systems. The director of photography can create an artistic "look" , while a separate, "flatter" color-corrected file is recorded to disk for further manipulation in post or the DI suite.


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