Speedgrade OnSet's powerful color-correction tools and 3D LUT export features allows for "look" creation that can be previewed and applied to footage of the SI-3D system. Colorizing and designing the "look" of a scene or setting the style for a movie is no longer subject to a dizzying array of confusing submenus and un-intuitive control panels. Instead, Speedgrade OnSet allows for real-time, in-context color-correction of images and confidence in sculpting the look of your project.

SpeedGrade OnSet uses IRIDAS' non-destructive grading technology: Looks are applied to the image, not burned into it. Looks remain editable at all times: they can be saved, modified, and re-used on new images


SpeedGrade DI builds on our pioneering work in stereoscopy to deliver a full stereoscopic color correction and finishing solution. Using our DualStream features on a stereo project is a painless process. Stereo conform and grading work intuitively without the need to copy timelines or grading keyframes between the eyes. Powerful analysis tools, such as difference mattes, allow you to correct for temporal or geometric offsets or rotation and mirroring in your material. For stereoscopic review, SpeedGrade DI supports virtually all dual stream display technologies on the market, such as dual HD-SDI, interlaced or shutter glasses.

For more information, please read the white-paper on IRIDAS Stereo 3D Workflow with SI-3D files


FrameCycler DI is a powerful application for reviewing uncompressed frame-based content, conforming Edit Decision Lists, and running collaborative remote review sessions over the internet with IRIDAS' ReviewLink technology. Uncompressed, high-resolution sequences are streamed directly off a fast RAID array. FrameCycler DI plays frame sequences directly without the need to convert them to a digital video format first. FrameCycler DI plays any industry standard file format. Conform capabilities allow the application to import and modify Edit Decision Lists. FrameCycler DI offers primary color grading capabilities and 3D LUT support for all standard display calibration systems. FrameCycler DI also includes ReviewLink, a new technology from IRIDAS allowing for interactive review sessions from multiple locations.

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