SiliconDVR's large, legible interface places the key camera functionality at the fingertips of the camera operator via quick touchscreen control, avoiding the confusing physical button layouts and complicated sub-menus of other camera interfaces, which streamlines the shooting process. In addition to quick record and playback/review functions, an extensive array of utilities have been implemented to analyze the incoming camera RAW data, allowing the cinematographer to capture the best picture possible while maintaining full control over the picture information transported in the RAW data stream. Items like per-channel histograms, center zoom modes, an exposure-based zone system display, edge-enhanced focus aids, spot meters, separate view LUT's, and an on-screen 4x loupe are among a number of features that the SiliconDVR interface features along with system diagnostic controls to monitor the extensive RAM buffering architecture and storage needs. Other enhancements such as a full-screen mode, and full-screen dual-monitor support with independent full-resolution real-time displays, allow for integration with standard HD-SDI on-set systems while allowing the camera operator to display only the most critical information in their viewfinder for unobstructed use and minimal clutter. An integrated frame-store with chroma-key preview allows for an unlimited number of uses in reference image storage and retrieval, and in-camera special effects compositing. The direct-to-disk recording and full-resolution instant playback functionality of SiliconDVR allows the director to see the results of a shot immediately after recording, and the integrated timeline functionality provides access to any portion of a clip for critical shot review.


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