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127 Hours was shot with the New SI-2K 2.0 Software

Director Danny Boyle and cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle who shot Slumdog Millionaire. Both Slumdog Millionaire and their current project, 127 Hours, were shot with a combination of the SI-2K, and 35mm celluloid. 127 Hours is based on the true story of Aaron Ralston (played by James Franco), the mountain climber who amputated his own arm to free himself after being trapped by a boulder for five days.

Dod Mantle: "The Moab region and the canyons are extremely challenging terrain. Some of the slot areas are almost impassable. Of course Danny and I want to make maximum use of this dramatic geography, and the SI-2K cameras have helped us enormously here. They are light and ergonomic compared to any other digital camera of that same resolution."

“The SI-3D is so compact, we’re even using it for handheld shots,” said Dan Heffner, Executive Producer on Saw 3D “We’re able to work so fast with this camera, I can’t imagine how we’d have been able to make this movie without it.”

This October, one of the biggest, most successful horror franchises in movie history arrives in theaters in vivid, chilling 3D with the release of Lionsgate's Saw 3D.

As a deadly battle rages over Jigsaw's brutal legacy, a group of Jigsaw survivors gathers to seek the support of self-help guru and fellow survivor Bobby Dagen, a man whose own dark secrets unleash a new wave of terror...

The first theatrical feature to be shot exclusively on the cutting-edge SI-3D digital camera system, Saw 3D brings the horrifying games of Jigsaw to life like never before.

Viral advertising campaign produced by Saatchi & Saatch, directed by Michael Gracey, choreographed by Ashely Wallen.

Feature Film from Fox Searchlight, directed by Danny Boyle, DP Anthony Dod Mantle. Click here to visit the website.

Shot with 9 synced cameras - the interactive flash player that allows the audience to explore the scene

Feature Film from Wonder Star Productions, directed by Charles Evered, DP Ulf Soderqvist. Click here to visit the website.

Feature Film from Star Media, directed by Alexander Barschak, DP Svyatoslav Bulakowski. Click here to visit the website.

From Director Evin Glodell

From director of photography Arko Okk and editor Kaspar Kallas

"Discreet": Starring James Alexander, Anel Alexander, Directed by Josh Rous, Produced by Black Brain Pictures

Director Josh Rous, D.P. Trevor Calverely, D.I.T. Pavel Orlov, Produced by Black Brain Pictures

Music Video directed by Andrew Bennett and produced by Oasis Productions for Roadrunner Records

30-second commercial spot for Bavaria Beer shot by Pedro Rey

Film-out tests of sample period films from Elite Studios

Scenes from the Duke City Shootout film "The Spider Experiment" directed by Scott and Paula Merrow

Interview with Chef Beau Schmidt by John DeLuca Photography and Video Productions

Feature film produced by Michael George and starring Aaron Douglas and Jennifer Sciole

Greenscreen shot in CineForm RAW

Sample scenes from Evan Glodell's production "Boss of the Glory"

RAW uncorrected footage from Atomic-VFX feature film "Spoon"

Documentary for Discovery Channel , shot by D.P. Ulf Soderqvist

VTEC commercial campaign, shot by D.P. Ulf Soderqvist

Documentary by Oasis Productions, Produced by Jim Hays and Heather Hays



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